Centro Benessere
di Simone Broccoli
Feldenkrais Method® 

Centro Benessere di Simone Broccoli - Feldenkrais Method®  is a beautiful modern accommodation facility set in the splendid and evocative landscape of the Rubicon area.

A beautiful corridor protected by trees that give warmth to the hot summer days welcomes the visitor directing him towards the entrance of the center!

Recently restored, it includes a waiting room that connects to an area used as a changing room with bathrooms and showers also for differently abled guests. 

Above the waiting room there is a small gym used for courses with a limited number of participants. 


There are two male and female bathrooms equipped with complete facilities also suitable for the differently abled guests (toilet, bidet, sinks and shower). 

From here you can access the central structure represented by a majestic gym with underfloor heating and parquet covering which helps to keep the space warm and dry. 

The gym where the lessons are carried out is modern and welcoming: with its underfloor heating it allows you to reach an optimal atmosphere and ideal conditions to be able to perform the activities in full comfort. 

It is here that Simone Broccoli teaches the group lessons called ATMs - "Awareness through movement" and where  the Professional Course of the Feldenkrais Method® takes place.

A small space is also available for lunch or dinner breaks or for coffee breaks, with refrigerator and dishes.

The lighting is largely ensured by the large south-facing arches that let inside the natural light of sun, while in the evening and at night the artificial lighting is made by spotlights oriented upwards in order to diffuse the light without disturbing.

Centro Benessere
di Simone Broccoli -
Feldenkrais Method®
C.F. BRC SMN 71B25 C573D
P.IVA 02666760406

Via Castello 11

Professional Training Feldenkrais Method ®