Feldenkrais Method®

to Enhance Sexuality and for Sexual Problems

Premature education of the sphincters

The musculature surrounding the anus is formed by

Internal sphincter: is a muscle under involuntary control
Eternal sphincter: it is a striated muscle under conscious control

Both work in perfect synchronicity before, during stimulation and stool evacuation.

• As long as there is no stimulation, the internal sphincter remains closed, while the external one should remain open and the pelvic floor relaxed.

• Up to the age of two and a half, the child does not feel the urge to evacuate the stool because the muscles surrounding the anus are not developed.

• A premature sphincter check involves a contraction of the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, pelvic floor which can remain chronically contracted blocking the sensations in the belly and sexuality.

• Tension at the base of the pelvis can affect the individual's ability to indulge in sexual intercourse due to an unconscious fear aroused during the training of the sphincters.

the Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is a muscular hammock with a wide range of physiological activities; contains and supports the pelvic and abdominal organs. Made up of a group of muscles: Puboccocygeus and Subcoccygeus - ischiococcygeus
Their functionality and the degree of tension influence physiological activities: sexual intercourse, fertility, childbirth, urinary continence, efficient bladder control. The tone of the muscles of the base of the pelvis expresses the state of well-being of the pelvic and abdominal organs. Recent discoveries have highlighted an intertwining between physiological mechanisms and emotional expression.

Through the body experience with the Feldenkrais Method®

• The person will be able to get a good knowledge of his own body and become aware of the gestures and actions he previously unconsciously performed
• The person will improve the knowledge of his body by becoming stronger and more confident, feeling good in his own skin.

Is sex more enjoyable with natural methods?

Sexologists think so. Dr. Kegel, while teaching incontinent people to control the pubococcygeus muscle to stop and release the flow of urine, noted that these movements were beneficial for incontinent people and women with weakened pelvic floors from pregnancy and increased their vigor. sexual.
Out of a sample of a thousand cases of frigidity, 65% of patients achieved improvements.
• Increased genital strength
• Increased vaginal sensitivity and lubrication
• Delayed ejaculation
• Intensified the orgasm
• Helped people with incontinence
• Helped women with postpartum problems and frigidity
Today, Kegel movements are recommended for pregnant women, before and after childbirth, to keep the pelvic floor toned.

Sitting on the chair

Emotional re-education involves the whole being and should be addressed directly and simultaneously: Diet, Breathing, Sex, Muscle and postural habits; however, one should start with muscle and postural re-education.  It is important to make the person understand the process by which habits are formed and how to dissolve old ineffective anxiety patterns.




• Sit with knees apart and feet flat on the ground.
• Tilt your pelvis and round your lower back, producing a slight lowering of your stature, straighten your back to return to the starting position.
• Explore your body several times with small and pleasant movements, now becoming small then large.
• Then exhale and become small again, inhale making the belly come out to become large, feel the navel breathe, the pelvis remains relaxed and slowly surrenders to the respiratory wave.



Contract the buttocks

1) Sit with feet and knees apart.

Squeeze the buttocks so that the body rises
- feel what happens to the knees and chest
- to the pelvis and feet

2) Repeat the movement with the knees and feet together.
3) Sitting on the chair, contract your buttocks as you lift the middle arch of your right foot.



Then repeat on the left.

4) Standing with your hands on the buttocks, contract your buttocks, feel that:

- the knees tend to open outwards
- the weight goes more on the heels moving towards the outer edge of the foot
- while the central arch tends to rise

Repeat the movement by lifting the central arch of both feet



5) Sit position contract the buttocks and the anus:

- while doing the movement, notice if the pelvis tilts
- the arch of the back decreases
- the pubic bone moves forward
- the navel goes upwards.

If you put a pen on the navel you can see that it moves up.



After repeating the movement several times, contract the anus then the ureters, then both at the same time and feel the response of the body.

6) Sitting with your hands stretched out in front of you and resting on your knees, contract your buttocks quickly and lightly, as if you were riding a "clok clok clok" horse.
7) Seated shift the weight of the body on the left buttock, lift the right buttock and bring it back and forth.

Repeat the movement on the left side.
Lift the right buttock, bring it forward and rest it on the chair.
Lift the left buttock and bring it forward walking back and forth on the chair.

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