Feldenkrais Method®

Pelvic clock in different contexts

Sitting on the chair

Orologio Pelvico


• feet flat on the ground, knees apart you feel how you are supported and if you are supported by the ischium. Place a hand under your buttocks to feel the shape of the bony protuberance (ischial tuberosity). Take a reference on the wall, a point where your eyes naturally tend to rest.

Orologio Pelvico


• Move the pelvis very slowly and it becomes small, rounding the back and returning to the center. When moving, don't hold your breath, it relaxes your legs, abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck.

Orologio Pelvico


• Always sitting in the chair. With both feet on stable ground, hands on the thighs, the pelvis tilts towards the left knee so that the weight moves to the left buttock and the right bar lifts a little from its support. Feel that your right shoulder is slowly progressing backwards and the left side and the right side tend to rise, the rib side of this approach, the spine extends and the head moves to the left accompanied by the gaze.

Orologio Pelvico


• Now tilt your pelvis towards your right knee to feel how your eyes move, how they organize your head, ribs, hips and knees as you move your weight onto your buttocks and feet. Leave the body soft and relaxed so that breathing can take place freely

• Imagine that the chair is painted on the stand and draw a clock with the dock 12-6 H, then from 3 to 9 H, and finally draw every intermediate hour describing some you look in one direction and then in total involvement in the movement of the body.

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