The Scientific Center
of the Movement

Where we are ... a bit of history

Its name derives from two Latin words "Extra" and "Gallia" which indicated a vast territory outside Gaul, in the Roman period it became Strigara. The Rubicon, a historic river still disputed today, marked the border between Rome and Gaul. The Scientific Center of the Movement (C.S.M.) is located in the hilly stretch on the road that leads to the Malatesta Castle and not far from the Passo dei Meloni, an ancient road traveled by the Romei.
Strigara, located on the west of San Marino, is a terrace on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by charming villages rich in history and popular culture. The capital is Sogliano, renowned for its "Formaggio di Fossa", an ancient tradition safeguarded by the Pro Loco of Sogliano.

The Romagna hinterland is also remembered for:

  • the Theater in the Square
  • the "Theater of Theaters"
  • the Disco Museum
  • the "Festa de Savor"
  • hospitality
  • the cultural activity of the Valle dell'Uso
  • Sunday walks to learn about wild herbs
  • the production of typical organic products
  • the scent of the earth
  • the flavors of the cuisine lovingly and simply cared for by the restaurateurs.
  • For these particularities the management of the C.S.M. has agreed with them, agreed prices for the participants in the training course
Centro Scientifico del Movimento - Simone Broccoli

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