Centro Benessere
di Simone Broccoli

In general, to obtain effective results, we always recommend a treatment, especially in the initial intensive approach, represented by three or four lessons performed over the course of a weekend.

To allow this "therapy" to work in an ideal way we have recently enlarged the structure and inaugurated four two-room apartments to allow you to have a wonderful e pleasant experience and receiving the best of the benefits of the Feldenkrais method®.

New apartments equipped with independent services make the daily stay really comfortable and pleasant

Each apartment has a living room with kitchen use ... Bathroom with all facilities ... A comfortable habitat ... That will allow you to live this experience and repeat it as if you were at home ... The customer can also take the opportunity to visit the very suggestive and culturally rich local area.
Centro Benessere
di Simone Broccoli -
Feldenkrais Method®
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