Strigara 4 (2016/2019)

Professional Training
for Teachers of the FELDENKRAIS® METHOD


Third year

During the third year we continue working on the topic developed in the first and the second year but at a higher level.

The network of ATM and IF learned is growing.


We will discuss and we will experience more aspects of learning. For example, in any learning process there is a comparison with the unknown. We need to take risks. The simplest example, the most concrete example of this is the basis and being in man's feet, as discussed in the first year.

This year we will learn how to safely take risks in other aspects and in other series of lessons.


IF will be handling the most learned, the quality of touch is refined to make it lighter and functionally oriented. We will discusse in great detail the anatomy of parts of the body. At this stage the students have a wide experience of feeling skeleton in all kinds of movements. The differentiation between body parts and the integration of these parts in the actions have now a deep meaning. So the learning of anatomy is not sterile, it is immediately related to sensation and practical action.

This year we will also see how to apply the work to a population with special needs: artists, athletes, children and the disabled