Strigara 4 (2016/2019)

Professional Training
for Teachers of the FELDENKRAIS® METHOD


Second year

In the second year we discuss more theoretical aspects of the movement and we learn on a higher level, accompanied by another series of more complex lessons. This year we teach students to teach their own classes ATM. We have a lot of emphasis on the ability and understanding of a lesson from different points of view and associations. The practice is done in small groups where students discuss among themselves a lesson that will teach to other members of the class. At the end of this year our students are authorized to teach the public ATM.

The IF in the second year include a handling and still moreemphasizes the observation of the difference in fine detail and movement patterns in other people.


At this point the students have experienced than a large amount of ATM and IF and can learn to associate and link between the different classes of ATM and IF and begin to have an idea of how to help someone improve their actions.


On the theoretical level we will discuss the idea of complexity in the system nervous.

This is a system that needs to organize an action while simultaneously taking into account many factors.

As We can communicate with the system to help you learn?

What we logically see how simple, is not necessarily the most simple nervous system.

So, what's simple for the system Nervous?

How do we individually with each person?

As develop our resources to do as teachers of the Feldenkrais Method?

We also discuss the lessons of Moshe Feldenkrais and how original use them effectively in teaching