Strigara 4 (2016/2019)

Professional Training
for Teachers of the FELDENKRAIS® METHOD


First year

During the first year the students follow the process of child development.

They explore the various stages in the growth process: watching, rolling, crawling etc... and experience the relationships and the connections among and functions as a function leads to another. Students also learn to observe the movement, as is done differently by different people and what is unique in every way individual to do so. We discuss the process of human growth, that is different, special and unique in this process and how that creates individuality.

The discovery of differences is a great help to the students to learn the details of the movement.

We play a lot with this during the first year and we continue with it throughout the training.


The lectures are given in connection with what is the student's experience.

The lessons will deal with:


The conditions and the environmental conditions necessary for this to happen, the applicability of learning through movement to other realms of life.


Read foundations of physic of mechanical. Human posture and motion under gravity. Balance, falls, support.

The four basic elements

the nervous system, muscles, skeleton and what surrounds us. How these elements work together in an action?


Following the development of the child from lying to standing, in various ways.