Professional Training - Feldenkrais Method®


Description of the Training


The training course enables students to acquire the necessary tools to teach others and to improve knowledge of their body.

Sharpening sensitivity, perception, listening to themselves and others, learning to feel by touching with precision, they will learn about "the subtle art that teaches the stimuli", which makes learning, creates new languages between nerve cells, improves vital functions and man's life.


Who is it for?


• those who want to improve their profession, rehabilitation therapists, psychomotor therapists, osteopaths, psychologists, for personal enrichment and to acquire tools for introspective observation and therapeutic intervention;

• teachers who love learning ways and types of instruction to guide students who assume awkward postures in classroom, to take on new more efficient ones in order to improve learning and cognitive health;

• artists, dancers, actors, musicians, singers, who want to achieve optimal performance;

• masseurs and those who are working in the field of aesthetics, to learn the art of using their bodies at work;

• athletes and physical education teachers and experts in the disciplines of the body to achieve an ideal posture to ensure a less stress and better results;

• people who want to know themselves, to enhance their intellectual abilities and to achieve total well-being.


Course Activities

• Awareness Through Movement® or group lessons.

• Functional Integration® or individual lessons:

  1. Exercise among students guided by teachers and assistants.
  2. Practical work with cases and people outside the group.
  3. Every year each student will be offered three Functional Integration® lessons by trainers and assistant trainers.

• Screening of video about Moshe Feldenkrais® lessons.

• Deepening of the method through demonstrations, exchange of experience and theoretical lessons.

• Team work between sessions.