Strigara 5 (2020/2023)

Professional Training
for Teachers of the FELDENKRAIS® METHOD

The Staff:
Director of Studies: Eilat Almagor
Teachers-Trainers: Stephen Rosenholtz
Anat Krivine - Anna Maria Caponecchi

Due to provision discrepancies, uncertainties, and general instability caused by the Coronavirus, the Educational Director together with the organization of the Strigara 5 Training, have decided to postpone the Training to August, 2020.


The 10-day segment that had to take place in April 2020, will be made up in the future (dates are still to be decided).


The first segment of the Training will start on August 1st, 2020, with Eilat Almagor.

Strigara 5

The professional training Feldenkrais “Strigara 5 “ has been approved and accredited by A.I.I.M.F. (Associazione Italiana Insegnanti Metodo Feldenkrais) and by EuroTAB (European and Israeli Feldenkrais Training Accreditation Board).


You can subscribe to the Feldenkrais Training Strigara 5, by filling in the form.

The Organization of the Course reserves the right to change teachers if circumstances require.