Phisical e mental tiredness



Fatigue is a symptom related to many physical and mental conditions.

Doing any activity requires a minimum of vital energy. Many people who are considered healthy do not have it or have lost it over the course of life.

To retrieve it often it would be enough to fortify your body with more active lifestyles (fight against obesity, physical activity, no smoking, no alcohol, etc...). It is quite useless whether a person try to solve the problem, maintaining a physical that is tired by definition. The approach of changing must be gradual, but now many people have changed their lives. Often it is enough a time of few weeks or months.

Many times it can be a problem of mismanagement of our resources. Feldenkrais Method allows you to see if there are unnecessary tensions, if the body is in a constant state of stress, in other words if we fight against ourselves in order to achieve even the simplest actions.

When a motion is not simple, but represented by a coordinated series of movements that arise from parasitic tensions and bad habits or poor posture or coordination it is obvious to think that there is an excessive use of vital energy which is not fully available, than fractioned because of the ineffectiveness of the movement.

During functional integration and CAM lessons, teacher and student can understand where there are blocks, tensions that do not allow the body to act efficiently and effectively.

Overcoming of all these movements and parasitic tensions there will be a full recovery of energy "wasted" to keep unnecessary and counterproductive habits.