Study and mental activities



Intelligence is the set of cognitive functions, adaptive and imaginative generated by the brain of human being and animals.

Intelligence is generally defined as the ability of a person to ensure the maintenance of their livelihood, the right balance (biological and mental) of its satisfaction through physical behavior, linguistic, mental, and appropriate operational response to the circumstances of the world, to the present situation, to our needs and our desires.

The "classical" definition cited are those that are commonly considered in intelligence tests, although with all the limitations.

It has been discovered that there are many other types of intelligence, such as the emotional one and the intelligence of the body that is often analysed within Feldenkrais Method. It is the individual ability to analyze and interpret our own emotions, feelings, moods and to be fully aware of the behavior of our body, of our movements and the effectiveness of actions we perform in our daily activities.

Feldenkrais Method is the study of our body and the innate intelligence that it contains as a result of millions of years of evolution and environmental adaptation.

Even in contexts such as in schools and academic fields it is important to recognise the value of our brain, regarded as the seat of intelligence, but not as a foreign organ than as a whole with our body.

Feldenkrais Method through activities undertaken during the Functional Integration and through group lessons tries to restore this union body-mind, strengthening the connections that the brain produces without our knowledge in every movement we perform.

Detailed movements performed within these lessons can awaken our sensory system improving our performance both on an intellectual and body level: in every way we become more intelligent.

Moreover, the process of awareness of our body's intelligence, rebalancing the level of energy through the implementation of the efficiency in our actions can improve intellectual performance and showing that Feldenkrais Method, performed daily, can increase resistance to fatigue, energy mental and the concentration on the study, bettering in fact our results.