Sport and phisical activities


"Mens sana in corpore sano". Since ancient times, it is known that physical activity, especially sports, contributes to wellbeing of mind and not just of the body. However, at the scientific level, there still is a lot of things to be clarified: for example, the neural mechanisms responsible for the brain benefits of sport and the specific effects of different disciplines and different categories of people.

Sport is the set of activities, physical and mental, done to improve and maintain in good condition the whole psycho-physical apparatus of human and entertain those who practice or who is a spectator.


Recent studies are recognising the benefits of sport for disabled athletes on cognitive function, showing that even in this case the mind draws truly beneficial, not only psychological, but even improves brain plasticity.

To achieve a healthy sport either at a competitive level or as amateur it is very important to have a functional body, capable of being able to make movements involving in a balanced and efficient way muscles, the skeleton and the whole structure and organization of the body.

Feldenkrais Method is very popular among athletes because the specific activities that functional integration lessons and ATM create a meaningful dialogue between mind and body, developing the awareness about movements that you make and the efforts that are use.

Many movements, many actions that we perform in our lives are often not effective. What does this mean? It means that they result by the complicity of effective efforts and also unrelated ones toward the desired action. We talk about parasitic movements.

Through the comprehension of how a movement can be achieved with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness it comes the concept of "Teh potent Self" written by Moshe Feldenkrais in which it is analised the improvement of any performance that all people, and therefore especially an athlete in doing a movement, once it had become aware the possibility of achieving them with minimal effort. ATM means "awareness through movement" and it is the idea behind the Feldenkrais Method: to make specific movements under the supervision of the Feldenkrais teacher in order to develop awareness of how they can be light, simple and so effective.

On this basis we can understand how performances and achievements of athltes they can increase also in sport. Feldenkrais Method becomes, once known, not only a system for preventing traumas and contractions that are caused by an incorrect use of body, but also a tool to improve the efficiency of your functional organisation in order to obtain better results in every discipline.