Lumbar lordosis is given by accentuation of normal physiological curvature of lumbar spine.


It can occur in different ways depending on the section of the curve involved:

- long-range lumbar lordosis
- medium-range lumbar lordosis
- small-range lumbar lordosis

Llong-range lordosis extends to the lumbosacral hinge, sometimes also involves the thoracic spine to D5.

The subject also in the sitting or supine position, with legs bent, presents the accentuation of the curvature.

Medium-range lordosis shows a normal localization of the curves back and lumbar lordosis, but the emphasis in the subject causes an accentuation of kyphosis (compensation).

In small-range lumbar lordosis the subject shows a marked discontinuity of the curvature of low-back that occurs with a concave corner and a large kyphosis as compensation.