Joint pain and arthritis


Arthritis is an acute or chronic disease of the joints that leads to their degeneration and causes redness, swelling, pain and limits movement.

More than a hundred varieties of arthritis have been discovered. The disease affects mainly the peripheral joints that load the weight of the body.

Joint affected by arthritis begins with an increased production of synovial fluid. The proliferation of the synovial membrane leads to the formation of the "cloth" in which lurk inflammatory cells, particularly lymphocytes malfunctioning and cell waste.

When the tissue is damaged, white blood cells come (hagocytes) that clean up the tissues but leaving enzymes that attack healthy tissue of the joints lining and begin to digest it. Between adjacent bones scar tissue is produces and that hardens becoming bone, fusing the joint. A frequently affected joint is knee.

Featured Movements

- Breathing
- Rotation of the back, shoulders, hips
- Pelvic Clock
- Relax your eyes


We recommend a series of functional integration, individual lessons for improving health, which will be reinforced by moves to do under the guidance of the teacher and to repeat every day at home in order to consolidate the new posture.

With a little will, conviction and with a little desire to know yourslef, you can find an inner well-being and vitality of the body which improves the quality of your lives.

I say this from experience but also because I have verified it in my own life.

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