Targets e Problems


A person who is suffering from arthrosis, arthritis, back pain, herniated discs, osteoporosis as the first directive should improve breathing which decreases muscle tone, purify the body, oxygenates it, makes life more fighting and
resistant to disease.

Improving theaction between pairs of antagonistic muscles - agonists, back extensor, flexors of the abdomen, extensor - flexor joints.

Increasing the flexibility of the trunk. Make the spine rigidlessbecause rigidity wear discs and vertebrae. Take the most correct positions in everyday life.

Learn how to make everyday movements know. Use less force ineveryday actions. Make better use of the skeleton and muscles that are prerequisites fora better life.




This section analyses most of the problems that every human being, in his personal history, may face in life. Common problems such as back pain, occasional or chronic knee pain or even more serious spine "diseases" such as scoliosis never treated or kyphosis, a lordosis that can lead to more delicate situation such as herniated disc or, in severe cases, paralysis.

Sometime even joint pain, simple headaches, feelings of chronic fatigue, sexual difficulties are only signs that something is wrong, these signals that our body sends us can be most often attributed to general problems of our organization postural imbalance.

Feldenkrais Method describes in detail these issues that are indeed linked to a disorder in our posture and bad habits that we carry on for years and years, before showing the first signs of trouble.

So in this section you can find out what are the most common causes of spine illness. In the bottom of the page that describes the problem you will find a link that takes visitors to deepen the approach of the Feldenkrais Method with the treatment of the problem through the Feldenkrais movements he created or that has been developed by their successors.

Happy reading... and good research!