Impotence and sexual problems


Impotence is a term that may indicate, in a generic sense, the condition of a person who does not have the strength, the means, ability or authority to act, to do or perform any act effectively.

In medicine, impotence is the inability of an organ to perform its function properly. This may be "primary" when it is always present and "secondary" when it is chronic and occurs as a result of specific diseases.

In medical terms impotence indicates a deficit that can affect people and that limits their full sexual expression, creating problems in their relationship.


Some causes


- Premature sphincter education

- Jump of the evolutionary stages

- Premature Social request as "stand up"

- Poor posture

- Sit with knees locked

- Lift weights improperly

- Rigidity of the body

- Emotions - breathing

- Use of stories and tales

- Misinformation

- Traditions, popular culture, religious belief


How to improve your sexuality?