Pain in the hips


In advanced stages the pain is also due to the presence of hip arthrosis which is a degenerative condition that affects the hip joint articulation, which is caused by excessive compressive pressure on the joint itself.

It is typical in advanced age, but sometimes it can also appears in the adult. There are people forty year old cases with bilateral hip prostheses.

The cartilage that covers the articular ends (in this case the head of the femur's acetabulum) wears out prematurely and diminishes gradually. If you get to the point of total wear, there is bone rubbing against bone.

As long as a part of cartilage remains, although thin, there still is the possibility to recover the movement, to reduce and eliminate pain and eventually to recover a normal life.

Worthy of mention is the fact that the patient feels pain in the hip, within the groin, because of the excess of muscle tension which hold the joint itself. In this case, the patient has difficulty moving and all advice that you provide in relation to the movement or to the improvement of strenght (by using for example exercise bike) it proves inadequate.

That happens because, having already create too much stress in the hip (that does not move), even the simple movement - even if slight - or the contribute of the strengthening can allow the destruction of the last pieces of cartilage remaining.

Therefore you must first weaken the tension of the hip, which should give the same freedom of joint muscle lengthening chains (in order to loosen the compression within the joint). After this first step the movement will be possible again. This technique, used for years, is very functional.