Migraine and headache


This is not a dramatic illness or life-threatening, but it certainly is a disorder that reduces the quality of life.

If the headache is one of the most common ailments of all, the migraine can be even more tiring.

Despite the widespread, to patients who suffer from it usually is devoted little time and little attention. Moreover, the results of their examination, in most cases, are completely normal and treatments are not always effective to reach the desired results.

blood pressure irritation of the nerves
misaligned vertebrae muscular tension


What to do?

First you must understand that whatever it is, the cause can be also related to problem of not good organisation of the body whose movements will be not funcional. Tensions perpetuated for years and neglected postural deviations may be a factor. But do not listen to some localized pain or their treatment with drugs may have led to neglect the problem that still must be analysed as a whole.

The awareness of your body is through both functional integration lessons and body awareness through movement lessons are the starting point for a reorganisation that will make your body functional and efficient .

Most of the time, if the cause is physical, the problem of migraine is substantially solved and the student receives from the very beginning a deep relief from sufferin.