It is a mental illness characterized by excessive sadness. Causes insomnia, fatigue, lack of concentration, loss of weight and interest for the pleasurable activities of life. Forms of depression may occur after stressful events or after the loss of a parent or a persone who is very close to us, while in endogenous depression, the symptoms seem to come for hereditary factors.

The origin of depression is an imbalance and reduction of the activity of neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and serotonin produced by the brain.

The risk of disease is 3-4% for men and 5-4% for women.

From the result of research done, it seems that married men never divorced have lower rates of depression than married women with children. In marriage the man could find safety while the roles of woman as mother, wife, housewife may load of responsibility, uncertainty and stress, generating fear.

Depressive disorders are common in unemployed people living in small urban areas, rather than those living in rural villages.

Person who feels depressed should try to follow these tips which means trying to:

- Change clothes, hair and make themselves feel comfortable
- Try not to leave himself in solitude
- Reade, watch shows, intriguing movies that create pleasurable sensations
- Search positive environments, landscapes that make him/her feel in harmony with him/herself
- stay with intelligent friends that stimulate creativity and interests
- Trick the mind without follow it wherever it is used to bring
- Stop thinking with a correct breathing exercise
- Try every way to cure disease and believe to be able to overcome it
- Leave him/her self in a process of exploring the body without fear with relaxation techniques.

Recommended sequences of movements

(from the book: scopri e vivi la tua sessualita' con il metodo feldenkrais®)
- Breathe with one nostril pages 39-40, 44,45.
- Breathing: end of page 39, pages 40, 44,45.
- Relaxation: page 93
- Ppelvic Clock: pages 76, 77.
- Palming, work activity developed in the Center
- Work on the hand and clousc, ork activity developed in the Center