Back pain


This common word is used generically to describe the sensation of pain localised in the back and that, on the contrary of what it may seem, can have multiple causes, multiple origins, more or less serious


Source of back pain


Back pain is rarely caused by bone problems: most of the time it is linked to an efficient functioning that is associated with the structure of the back (muscles, intravertebral discs, etc.).

Back pain is merely a warning signal that indicates the presence of something wrong with the organisation of our body... the important thing is to go seeking the cause that stays behind this signal.

As you can see in links related to the issues on which Feldenkrais method® can be effective in the improvement or the complete resolution of the problem, you can find other items of common use: arthrosis, scholiosis, etc.

You can in fact easily verify that the various events are not all painful situations independent and unrelated each other, but are the manifestation of a large single problem that can mostly identify the presence of a postural disorders.

A disorder that is involved in the distribution of loads in the spine, in the disorder od the organisation of muscles within our body.


The causes are many and must be sought, as you can see in the link posture in many external and internal factors related more or less significantly to our personal history