Improving Sexuality and sexual problems


Premature sphincter education

The muscle structure around the anus is formed by

Internal sphincter: a muscle is under involuntary control
External sphincter: a striated muscle is under conscious control

Both work in perfect sync before, during stimulation and the evacuation of stool.

• As long as there is no stimulus, the internal sphincter remains closed, while the outer one should remain open and the pelvic floor relaxed.

• Until the age of two and a half years, the child does not feel the urge to evacuate the stool because the muscles around the anus is not developed.

• An inspection involves a premature contraction of the sphincter muscles of thighs, buttocks, pelvic floor that may remain chronically contracted by blocking the sensation in the stomach and sexuality.

• Tension at the base of the pelvis can affect the individual's ability to indulge in sexuality for an unconscious fear involved in early education of sphincter.

Pelvic Floor


(Compendio di anatomia umana – Luigi Cattaneo pag. 511 / ed. Monduzzi Editore)

The pelvic floor is a muscular hammock with a wide range of physiological functions; it contains and supports the pelvic and abdominal organs.

Formed by a group of muscles: Puboccocigeo, Subcoccigeo and ischiococcigeo

Their features and the degree of tension affects physiological activities: Sexual activity, Fertility, Childbirth, continence, efficient control on the bladder

The tone of the muscles at the base of the pelvis indicates the well-being of the pelvic and abdominal organs. Recent discoveries have revealed a mixture of physiological mechanisms and emotional expression.

Is sex more enjoyable with natural methods?

Sexologists think so. Dr. Kegel, while teaching people with incontinence to control pubococcygeus muscles in order to stop and release the flow of urine, noted that these movements were beneficial for people with incontinence and for women with pelvic floor weakened by pregnancy while their sexual energy increased.

65% of patients with frigidity problems achieved improvements.

Keeping the elastic pubococcygeus with voluntary movements:

• Increases strength genital
• Increases the sensitivity and vaginal lubrication
• Delayes ejaculation
• Expandes orgasm
• Helps people incontinent
• Helps women with post-partum problems and frigidity

Today Kegel movements are recommended to pregnant women, before and after childbirth, in order to maintain the pelvic floor tonic.


Enhancing sexuality

Emotional rehabilitation

The rehabilitation involves the whole emotional being and should be dealt with directly and simultaneously: Diet, Breathing, Sex, muscular and postural habits, but it must starts with the

Muscular and postural rehabilitation

It is important to understand the process with which a person develops habits and how to dissolve old patterns of anxiety now ineffective.


  1. Breathing


Sit with knees apart and feet flat on the ground.

Tilt your pelvis and round your lower back, producing a slight decrease in your height, straighten your back to return to the starting position.

Explore several times your body with small and nice movements, now becoming small and then big.

Then exhale and come small, inhale making the stomach becoming big, you feel the belly breathing, the pelvis is relaxed and slowly starts folloeint the breathing wave.


  1. Squeeze your buttocks




1) Sit with feet and knees apart.

Tighten your buttocks so that the body raises

- what happens to the knees and chest?
- to the pelvis and to the feet?

2) Repeat the movement with your knees and feet together.

3) Sit on a chair, squeeze your buttocks as you raise the central arch of the right foot.


Then repeat on the left.

4) Stand with your hands on the buttocks and squeeze your buttocks, feel that:

- the knees tend to open outwards
- The weight is more on the heels moving towards the outer edge of the foot
- while the central arch tends to rise

Repeat the movement by lifting the central arch of both feet




5) Sit squeeze buttocks and anus:

- as you do the movement notice if your pelvis tilts
- the arch of the back decreases
- the pubic bone moves forward
- the navel goes up.

If you put a pen on the navel you can see that it moves up.

After repeating several times the movement, contract the anus and the ureters, then both at the same time and feel the body response.

6) Sit with your hands straight in front of you and resting on the knees, contract your buttocks slightly and fast, as if you were riding a horse: "Cloke Cloke Cloke".

7) Sitting, move the weight on the left buttock, lift your right buttock and bring it back and forth.

Repeat the movement on the left side.

Lift your right buttock, bring it forward and place it on the chair.

Lift your left buttock, bring it forward, walking back and forth in his chair.