The Feldenkrais Method® aims to give people back their lost well-being, stimulating the nervous system with unusual movements to form new cellular communications or synapses that through the development of intellectual potential allow lost functions to be recovered.

Teaching proceeds in two stages.

Individual lessons or Functional Integration®:

in which the teacher's hands guide the subject in a non-verbal dialogue, guiding him or her to awareness. They give awareness of unknown parts, chronically rigid, poorly used and often painful, by means of sensations and relaxation. Subjects are offered the possibility of reorganizing themselves from time to time in new movement schemes, interrupting old postures and replacing them with new ones that are more efficient and functional.


Collective lessons or Awareness through Movement®:

in which the teacher's voice guides participants to explore and feel their bodies, reawakening them through perception of and listening to the self, encouraging them to make simple, pleasurable and non-habitual movements forgotten long ago.