How it works


The Feldenkrais Method® is the development of the psychomotor skills.

It is based on a profound integration of sensations, sentiments, thought and movement chosen as a means of improvement.

The bodily structure of humans is the result of a long evolutionary process that places it at the summit of the zoological ladder.

To adapt themselves to the force of gravity, the nervous system, muscles and skeleton have reciprocally influenced and modified each other so that increasingly complex and refined actions could be performed.

A child that grows into an adult reiterates with its body the stages of the transformations of the animal species that preceded it.

This inherited genetic wealth is not exploited at the moment.

The busy pace of modern life, stress and unceasing requests from the social world submerge individuals, making them forget themselves.

When the body assumes and maintains the ideal posture, a person is:

  1. lively
  2. joyful
  3. intelligent

.... stable on the ground...

... and at the centre of the world.