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zoom april 2021

Professional training Feldenkrais Strigara 5

April 2021 online session

The online segment will start on Thursday 1st April
and will end on Sunday 11th April.

The day off will be Tuesday 6 April. There will be 10 days of teaching.

The schedule is from 9:00 to 13:30/14:00
with 4 short breaks based on the daily training program.

The session will be online with the Zoom platform.

The official trainer will be Anna Maria Caponecchi who will share the teaching with the Trainer Eilat Almagor and with assistants.

For information:


DIplomati Strigara 3

Here they are the first graduates of the Training of the Feldenkrais Method "Strigara 3"
Congratulations to all of you.... fantastic group.

P.S. Only one of these black eyes is authentic, it was a sign of solidarity......
maybe you can manage to guess who has the black eye for real!!!


attività del centro feldenkrais csm

Hello dear friends, students and acquaintances of the Scientific Center of the Movement - Feldenkrais Method.

I wanted to thank all of those who have proven to be loving and close to me after the death of my aunt Tina: it has been a hard time and a grave loss.

Nevertheless I wanted to say that the center continues its activities: individual lessons, group lessons and educational training for the qualification of teacher of the Feldenkrais Method.

I only ask you to be patient if I do not respond immediately to your phone calls and requests: I am very busy during the day, but as soon as I find a minute I will answer you with pleasure.

I take this opportunity, with this beautiful picture of the snowdrops, a symbol of rebirth after the cold winter, to wish you a wonderful new year with optimism and physical and mental wellness!

Simone Broccoli

For individual sessions (IF - Functional Integration) and group lessons (ATM Awareness Through the Movement) or other information, please call me at the mobile phone 333 4421233 or at the fix line 0541 948 035 or send an e-mail


There are some people who leave their mark in our lives. Chance encounters that occur because of circumstances, sometimes nice, sometimes less nice. This is how we met, Tina, accidentally on a sensitive and loving person's advice.

You had been the umpteenth attempt to find someone who could really give importance to the word “hope” for our Jenny. You were a reward for us: Samuela, her family, and I, who never gave up.

In these years I saw you do amazing things following the Feldenkrais Method and the logic behind this method. You, who lived giving whatever you could in order to let this Method flourish and be known.

Your life was the proof of what one can do when one really believes in something. You traced a very clear path, in terms of which direction to take and what mentality to apply. And looking at all the people who came here today to bid you farewell, I really must say that you did leave a mark, a very deep one indeed.

On my behalf, witness of your skills, of your strength, and your great humanity, I can only say, “Thank you!” A thanks which isn't really quite enough compared to all of what you have left us...I know. But I will try to help the Feldenkrais Method to get more and more known by telling everyone about it and about the amazing woman who introduced me, my wife Samuela, and Jenny, to it.

Thank you again, Tina. Thank you for everything.





Strigara, November 2nd, 2014

To the kind attention of


Dear Mayor,

we regret that we are writing You in this sad circumstance, we should have done it at those times when we - students of the Tina Broccoli’s Scientific Movement Center - began to think that Strigara is one of the most delightful places on this planet with its warm welcome and its view. But above all in Strigara there are Tina and Simone Broccoli, who are an important point of reference for us all, for our Feldenkrais Training. Tina Broccoli brought Eilat Almagor, great student of Moshe Feldenkrais, who ensured that Strigara became one of the gratest centers for the propagation of the method at world level, with her staff of trainers coming from various countries of the world: Israel, USA, Germany and also Italy. And we - students of different nationalities - are also evidence of this. In the current training there are students from France, Germany, China, Croatia, Sweden, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, South Africa, Brazil. All this happens in a delightful corner of Romagna, where we study the method but we also become citizens of the world.

Tina has been a Master for us, a teacher with a high-profile expertise for sure, but also a woman of striking humanity. There are many witnesses of the success in her work, through which she solved many difficult cases.

We are writing all this to You, as we think that the people of Sogliano al Rubicone should feel proud to have had her as fellow townswoman and that Tina Broccoli has earned and deserves the exequies of a great person.

The students of  2012-15 Training

Anissa, Amleto, Ana Elisa, Bianca, Camilla, Chiara, Chrystel, Claudia, Emanuela, Manuele, Enyu, Franca, Gregory, Helena, Josipa, Leonardo, Lisa, Liyu, Luigi, Marina, Michela, Michele, Monica, Nadia, Nicolò, Nina, Sabina, Sabrina, Samuela, Susan, Viviana.

and those many other students who continue to come back to Strigara, even after getting their diploma, to carry on their specialization.


Hi Tina!

You left us on our own and incredulous on a shiny morning. You departed with the lightness of an angel while the sun began its morning journey and the shadow of the grief settled over in our hearts.

On your bed, next to you, there was a book dedicated to a Romagnole woman, maybe you were reading it just a few moments before leaving: now, it would be nice to write a book about you since you, too, are a great woman of this land.

It is difficult to say which Tina we will miss the most: the meticulous and attentive Feldenkrais teacher, or the woman full of enthusiasm, the barrel of laughs who filled each day of our Feldenkrais formation in Strigara.

No one will ever be able to forget your morning and evening call to your cats, your beloved cats, nor will anyone forget your anatomy lessons. But above of all, what will live on within us is your wish of wanting us to learn and the generosity of your demostrations illustrated to us in roder to make us feel more confident, more aware.

The humanity you nurtured within yourself made you a great woman, yet always humble, and many people benefited from your knowledge and your being there. For this reason, and many more, we want to thank you and we thank God whose will was for us to meet.

Many students of Strigara are here today and many others would have wanted to be here to bid you a warm farewell, Tina, who loved us as if we were your own children.

We hope that our love may reach you like the sunbeams' warmth caresses the earth in thawing.

Your students.


Tina with Eilat

When I remember Tina it is with laughter, sometimes with a vital discussion, mainly when she felt she does not have enough cooperation constructing something new with her nonconventional visions.  Memories of Tina never came to me with sadness.  So today it is a shock - So sad.  She could have realized so many more of her visions, that nobody else thought possible. Tina was a non conformist yet so deeply rooted in her culture - in your culture, the culture of Sogliano, the culture of Emilia Romagna. She insisted that the people she loved most, her family and her community will learn to support her, while she was leading her. (Continue reading...)


Tina and Anat
(The picture, from the diploma ceremony
on the last day of the segment, November 1 2014. Thanks to Annika)


What a colorful woman. Not only how she dressed up herself and thought of design details of the different apartments in a colorful way, but having such a colorful personality. Since I had very little direct verbal communication with her, not having a mutual language, I can describe her as I saw, sensed and felt her in a funny non verbal communication. (Continue reading...)





Tina Broccoli Memory



The Feldenkrais® Method is:

learning body

  • recovery of self-confidence and vitality lost
  • development of intellectual abilities
  • greater safety for children, adults, seniors
  • best performance for actors, dancers, singers, athletes


The source of our pains is the result of:

improper use of his body

  1. lack of awareness
  2. repetitive actions, mechanical conduction of a frantic and stressed life that cause:
  • headache,
  • back pain,
  • scoliosis,
  • kyphosis,
  • depression,
  • obesity,
  • impotence
  1. Deviated posture
  2. blocks of breathing
  3. emotional blocks
  4. repressed feelings
  5. mental closures
  6. rigid body
  7. sexual problems

Moshe Feldenkrais

“What I am after is more flexible minds, not just more flexible bodies”

Would you like to find harmony in the body and peace of mind?

Learn Feldenkrais Method®in order to know yourself, to regain health and to become teacher.


Because it learns to develop 99,9% of your intellectual skills with small, simple, natural movements, albeit unusual and belonging to own genetic.