Where we are


The name derives from two Latin words, "Extra" and "Gallia", indicating a vast territory beyond Gaul, and in the Roman period this became Strigara. The Rubicon, a historical river that is still disputed today, marked the border between Rome and Gaul.

The Scientific Movement Centre is situated in the hills near the road leading to the Malatesta Castle, not far from the Meloni Pass, an ancient road used by pilgrims travelling to Rome.

Strigara, situated west of San Marino, on a terrace above the Adriatic coast, surrounded by fascinating towns and villages rich in history and popular traditions.

The main town of the area is Sogliano, famous for its "Formaggio di Fossa", a cheese matured in underground caverns, an ancient tradition conserved by the local tourist association.

To give course participants the opportunity to sample these local specialities, the Scientific Movement Centre has arranged special terms with nearby restaurants.

Arriving from Cesena, take the E45 in the direction of Rome, leaving it at the Montegelli exit and then following the signs for Strigara.

Arriving from Rimini, take the Via Emilia in the direction of Forlì, overcome the round, take the sign for Savignano sul Rubicone and then following the signs for Strigara.