My name is Annalisa, I'm 25 years old and three years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.
How did I approach the method?

Honestly, I was "forced" by my family and also because I was sick.

In June I had my right leg that was holding me up, dragged her as if it was dead. It was especially the ankle and the toes that I could not bend.

I was meeting Tina 3 or 4 times a week, I did perform certain movements and the leg has rediscovered those movements which it had forgotten.

Now I walk, I drive the car yet, I'm fine.
When I did the exercises and movements I "felt" my body.

I improved first the posture, the alignment of the spine and my breath (Tina said that I was breathing like a sparrow).

In any case, the method has helped me psychologically. Now, if I don't want to do something I do not feel submissive or afraid to say no.
Nevertheless my little problem wired with the disease, the method can be, in my opinion, recommended for everyone from children to adults and can be integrated easily in life, You just need to have the opportunity to be able to practice.




My name is Cinzia and I'm 30 years old beautician masseuse.

I knew the Feldenkrais Method by reading a professional magazine, I was practicing different techniques for the improvement of the body, but the Feldenkrais was unknown to me and then I thought: let's try this new technique.

When I started I did not have physical problem to solve, but I felt too, after class, that the body was lighter, freer, as if it was united in a cage.
I undertaken with patience the path of the Feldenkrais root, then I got seriously sick: Brain Glioblastoma in the right parietal area.

Of course, I worked more on my body because I needed it, movement after movement the breathing was freer, until 3 years after I came fully healed.
I also have to add that besides having much effect on the physical level, the Feldenkrais method also brings you to an open-mind condition.

Everything is more fluid and flows but clearly the work has to be followed and every day or evening I do Feldenkrais.

Unfortunately I see many people who need it: almost everyone!

I feel a little superior to them locking at their twisted bodies, they are hunchbacked and sad and it should be on the other way.

bye Cinzia



My name is Elio and I am a 61 years old retired.
The method was suggested to me by my wife.
I had a feeling of immediate well-being, I knew to be in "good hands".

I had several problems, such as back and neck pain and I have solved it.

I was able to move better around the body, I could move with more freedom especially the neck, the shoulders and my chest, which were almost motionless, even the abdomen is dissolved.

It has decreased my back pain, and my cervical tension and the breathing has improved.

Now everything works better, I learned to walk while before I was rigid and now I move the whole body, I breathe better: I have actually LEARNED HOW TO BREATHE.

I was skeptical about the Feldenkrais system but since the beginning I started feling changes.
In my house I practice enough, but I like working in groups, with other people like me..

I feel the spine in the movements.

Now, when I walk, I seem to be lighter and freer, THE METHOD IS USEFUL TO KNOW YOURSELF AND YOUR BODY.



I'm Manola and I'm 19 years old.

My experience with Feldenkrais has begun some time ago, for about seven years, when I attended the middle school.

I have goten in touch with this method because a year before my parents had found a wrong position in my movements and, after verifying the presence of a pronounced scoliosis, they brought me to many doctors in Bologna, in Pescara in order to understand what was appropriate and necessary to cure my "wrong" back.

At the beginning for me it was quite disconcerting to know that I whould have to wear a corset, which seemed to be the only possible cure.

The doctors told me that when I whould have gotten an improvement, the time could not be established with certainty, I would have been cured by the operation.

My life changed and I do not want to exaggerate, but when you're 15 years old it is not easy to accept having to wear 24 hours per day a kind of "cage" (as I affectionately called it) that prevents you from certain movements and a natural body position.

The embarrassment was great, beacuse of my mood already closed and very introverted. This helped to make me more insecure than it already was...

... I took the corset for 1 year and a half during which my body was under a lot of changes affected by this.
When I heard about this method I felt interested and I started taking courses taught by Tina while I started receiving functional integration lessons in additions.

I took it with much enthusiasm, especially at the beginning because I was very curious and happy to be able to "get rid" of the brace.
My body was completely stiff and because of the Feldenkrais lessons I gradually started to "feel" parts of it.

In my simple movements, the most basic such as walking, sitting, breathing, I listened every sensation experienced in perceiving each muscle around touching the floor.

As I was taught I started from the beginning, that is, as in small child who still had to discover the movements of his body, his position that form a position with for limbs slowly comes to standing.
This was what I put into practice bye learning the lessons and applying it to the everyday life. I heard a balance in my body movements.

During the exercise that I used to do at home for an half to an hour every day, I felt my body as it was a bit softer every time, every tiny little movement I made, maybe only a foot (moving back and forth) extended to the whole body to finish to the head that followed the little "pulses" of that movement.

Every time I felt that something was changing in me, I made a deep breath and my body leaned increasingly on the floor and touched most parts than before: reached the standing position I felt higher and lighter.

I attended classes regularly for a long time (about a year and a half) while later I took part in some of the series of meetings and kept going with my functional integration lessons...

... I am not currently following meeting any more because of my many commitments but neverthelesss I continued to practice the Feldenkrais in my daily life by introducing it in my actions and movements to make them natural and spontaneous.It was no longer a "must" to attend classes, in fact I kept to myself, checking and "feeling" my body and by integrating this method in everyday life. I think I can handle it in a good way and in many types of movements.

Because of it I had many benefits from the physical point of view: I could continue to do sports such as swimming, volleyball, but the Feldenkrais Method was not only helpful for my scoliosis than for life itself, even from the psychological point of view.

In fact, my mood has changed considerably: in relation to others I got security, confidence, peace of mind because I felt full of something that not everyone had, for instance, the knowledge of how to drive my body in the best way, as it can be "felt" in the movements, all things that where and are difficult to explain to those who were or are curious.

I've got a significant improvement at schools.
I've always had fears and difficulties especially in mathematics. After received the first improvement in my movements, I could work more easily in the matter, with more security and especially I was less intimidated to talk and ask querstion in the classroom, I have in fact improved my mental flexibility.

I believe that the Feldenkrais Method certainly enriched me and contributed to a real improvement in my problem.

The method is important for all babies, childrens with scoliosis and problems and for elderly because through the movements they educate their bodies and coordinate actions with great results in term of prevention of future problems.



Mr. Mayor, I am writing this letter to illustrate a story happent recently.

From the 9th of September, I started a method called Feldenkrais, practiced by Tina Broccoli and since that time I noticed some positive changes that I would like to mention.

I'm an athlete, specifically an amateur 20 years old cyclist.

At first I went to Tina for a problem with my scoliosis that, under stress during the races, gave me a muscle contraction, that did not allow me to express my full potential.

Actually when I started I hust wanted to solve this problem and then I discovered that the method could also give me other positive effects: more controlled breathing while running, the total alignment of the skeleton, an axial development of the strength and a muscle relaxation fundamental for the stage race running.

The benefits are in term of phisical and especiallu mental power, which is crucial for athletes at high levels.

So, in terms of results, after two years of amateurism winless, In 15 days I could win two races, touching a third, just seven days after starting the method.

But what counts the most for me is that wis this method I've been able to find a winning formula.

Finally I am sure that the Feldenkrais Method could be really important forevery one because it really can help in many different ways highlighting the fact that in sport it can be adopted with the certainty of bettering results.




For twenty long years I suffered from scoliosis.
I tried everything, corsets, gymnastics, swimming, therapies, witchcraft and so on and so forth.
Then one day a friend told me about a method called Feldenkrais.

I was very skeptical but since I had already tried everything, I said "why not"! I get into the car and curve after curve, just like my back I arrived in Strigara in a white house full of red flowers.

Then a lady colored just as the color of the flowers comes to me: she was Tina. I'll show her my x-rays and medical records but she did not even saw them.
I said "you lie on the table" and from that day, thanks to Tina and the Feldenkrais Method I am
an other person.



I approached the Feldenkrais method in the hope of recovering sensitivity, mobility and whatever else it was possible.

  1. I have improved significantly both sensitivity and mobility.
  2. I can control the movement of the shoulder and the movement of the pelvis: practically I can walk.
  3. I finally feel my body in all its functions, the tension I had in the hand is gone, the interpersonal and social improved as I feel more normal and I always try to do more than what I was doing a time.


I believe that in my recovery, Feldenkrais has accelerated the process, giving me the hope that then helps to continue my effort for the total recovery. I tried to convey my experience to other people who need specific or general help like me.