Results achieved by applying the Feldenkrais Method®


The teaching of the Feldenkrais Method® led by Tina Broccoli has allowed two girls to walk: Silvia, hit by a severe form of herpetic encephalitis at the age of three years and Tea, a two years child suffering from hemiparesis fetal.

The results were disseminated by the press and the television.


Silvia at the age of two years had been suffering from herpes encephalitis, to walk (See the article il Resto del Carlino - Cesena).

The achievement of the standing position of Tea, a two years old child affected by fetal congenital hemiplegia, the recovery of almost all the use of the limbs.


How we achieve those results

Based on the concepts of the method and the inexhaustible resources of the nervous system, the work has been applied to: Silvia, Tea and Jessica, to perceive their body completely. To get a full selfimage and to improve their vital functions.

* First we try to make aware children about those parts of the body difficult to use and move
* then we tried to mobilise that parts
* then the functions have been created
* Finally they have traced the evolutionary steps that by themselves had not been able to accomplish.

They explored the space, rolled, slid, crawling on the ground, strengthening muscles, skeleton and nervous system, to overcome the force of gravity, winning a standing position and walking.
In this way, the Feldenkrais Method® has allowed the kids to live a little more normal childhood.

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Tina e Simone Broccoli, Teachers of the Feldenkrais Method® with Tea, Silva and Jessica