Functional Integration lessons (FI)
and Awareness Through the Movement (ATM)

The Feldenkrais Method is taught in two parallel ways: individual or group lessons.


During group classes, called "Awareness Through Movement®" (CAM) the Feldenkrais teacher leads students through the use of voice, suggesting sequences of movements that gradually evolve in complexity and range, while remaining within comfortable and not tiring activity.


During the individual lesson, called Functional Integration® (FI), the teacher uses a non-invasive manual technique to make the student aware of its functional organisation and suggests ways to make it more efficient. The contact is respectful and kind, never force-oriented but rather focused on creating a suitable and available condition for the process of learning.

This type of lesson is typically done using the student normally lying on a special low bed or directly into the floor if the conditions (temperature and smoothness of the surface) are comfortable enough.

In both cases the students are not required to undress, but only to wear comfortable clothing if possible free of solid objects that may interfere by interacting with the body.